Geely Automobile's docking event with local parts and components companies was held in Hangzhou Bay

Update:11 Nov
Since the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Government put forward the "246" development plan, the development of the automobile and parts industry has become a top priority. In order to enable Ningbo's automobile and parts industry to develop as planned and reach a trillion-scale scale by 2025, supporting local automakers and supporting parts and auto parts companies have become a key point in the work of government departments.
On the afternoon of September 18th, in accordance with the spirit of the "Hundred Industry Chain Leading Enterprises Series Docking Activities Plan" by the Municipal Industrial Development Office, in order to strengthen the cooperation between Geely Auto and its parts, the major local automakers, and increase the local complete supply rate After the preliminary investigation, on the basis of finding out the willingness to connect between parts and components enterprises in Ningbo area, the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology convened Geely Auto and parts and components enterprises in this city to conduct a matchmaking activity. The event was held in the lecture hall of Geely Hangzhou Bay No. 2 Factory.

The event was hosted by Zhu Lifu, Director of the Automobile and High-end Equipment Division of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology. More than one hundred companies including Ningbo Auto Parts Association, Ningbo Hengte Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Hande Auto Parts Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. Chen Chenghai, inspector of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, gave a speech for the event. He introduced the scale of Ningbo auto parts. At present, there are more than 5,000 auto parts companies, of which more than 700 companies are regulated, which has a relatively good foundation. At the same time, it also analyzed the impact of this year's epidemic on auto parts companies and the problems in the post-epidemic era.

Director Zhang Fengying of Geely Automobile Group introduced Geely's development history and management structure. Let the supporting enterprises further understand the growth history of Geely. He Bin, director of supplier management of Geely Automobile Group, also introduced the procurement system and supporting requirements. China Construction Bank launched their industry chain financing services, while Bank of Ningbo and PICC gave presentations on industry chain financial products and industry chain insurance products.

The activity has entered a substantive link. Geely has divided the supporting companies into four categories and five groups, and they are grouped for docking. The matching types are divided into trim group (including internal and external trim), electrical appliance group, power accessory group and chassis group. In each of the sub-venues, representatives from parts and components companies had fruitful exchanges and communications with the staff of Geely's procurement department, which benefited a lot. The event provided an opportunity for in-depth communication between vehicle and component companies, helped to understand each other, and laid the foundation for the realization of large-scale matching between local auto parts. It is believed that such docking activities will continue to enhance the aggregation capabilities of the local automobile industry chain and bring the industry development into a fast lane.

Geely Automobile is a leading company in my country’s independent brand cars. They also need such activities to help them further improve their industrial chain, further improve supporting coordination capabilities, and strengthen the chain, supplement the chain and extend the chain for the development and safety of the automobile industry. Acting as the main force for Ningbo's automobile industry to achieve the trillion-level goal.