Power Steering Fluid Reservoir Manufacturers

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•Car handle & AB pillar handle

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•Gas assist,Parts injection molding,Skin texture

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•Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen

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•United States, Canada, European, China


•The company has strong technical force, strict quality management system, first-class production equipment
•There are currently 20 types of Fluid Reservoir, including steering pump Fluid Reservoir and brake Fluid Reservoirs;

The newly designed Fluid Reservoir adopts a new design structure and high-strength material production, which improves the strength of the product on the basis of the original, and designs an explosion-resistant air release valve port, and an iron filings filter is designed inside the tank body. The service life of the Fluid Reservoir itself and the service life of the automobile steering pump are greatly improved.

1. The modified PA66+GF30 material is used for high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance;

2. Vibration friction welding process is adopted;

3. Built-in filter magnet, which can effectively filter iron filings in the oil return;

4. The Fluid Reservoir cover is designed with a high-pressure automatic exhaust valve;

5. The filter adopts 2 times injection molding and ultrasonic welding process to increase the strength and service life of the filter

We offer custom brake fluid reservoir, Power Steering Fluid Reservoir design, manufacturing, testing. OEM/ODM available.

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Ningbo New Huatai professional China power steering pump reservoir Manufacturers and brake fluid reservoir suppliers, we custom Auto Interior Trim Molding in over 20 years. Founded in 1995, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in auto parts. As the technology center of Ningbo enterprise, New Huatai has solid technology, a strict quality management system, first-class production equipment to meet customers' requirements.
The company has established an engineering research and development center; the company has the ability to design simultaneously with the OEM: From product design, mold design and mold manufacturing to product mass production, the company can independently complete it; realize that customers can build a manufacturing base nearby, and main products including Automotive interior parts, glove boxes, airbag frames, armrest cup holders, sun visors, Gas-assisted handles and vehicle buckles; air-conditioning ducts; blister series products and high-precision molds, etc.
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Industry Knowledge Expansion

Function of the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir:

The power steering fluid reservoir is an essential component in a vehicle's power steering system. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper functioning and performance of the power steering system, ensuring smooth and controlled steering for the driver.The power steering fluid reservoir serves as a storage and supply container for the power steering fluid. The power steering system relies on hydraulic pressure to assist with steering, and the fluid reservoir acts as a source of pressurized fluid that is distributed to the steering mechanism when needed. It helps ensure an adequate supply of power steering fluid for the system to function properly.

Importance of the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir:

   a. Fluid Storage: The reservoir provides a place to store an ample amount of power steering fluid. This ensures that there is enough fluid available for the power steering system to operate smoothly, especially during high-demand situations such as tight turns or sudden maneuvers.

   b. Heat Dissipation: Power steering systems generate heat during operation, and the power steering fluid reservoir helps dissipate some of this heat. The reservoir's design often includes fins or cooling channels that aid in dissipating heat, preventing the fluid from overheating and maintaining its performance properties.

   c. Air Separation: The power steering fluid reservoir is designed to separate air bubbles or foam from the power steering fluid. These air bubbles can enter the system during normal operation or maintenance procedures, and their presence can cause steering inconsistencies or noise. The reservoir allows the air to rise to the top, allowing for the removal of trapped air through the reservoir cap or a separate venting system.