Auto Sunroof Frame Manufacturers

Product Category •Ceiling Plastic Skylight Frame
Production Process •Injection molding
Car Brands •BMW, ford, nissan, dongfeng renault, jaguar land rover, geely
Supply Market •Host manufacturers, primary and secondary suppliers, and after-sales markets
Advantages •The sunroof frame is designed with integrated and assembled structures, and the mold is designed with a good cooling water circuit to ensure the stability of the product size. Using injection-grade raw materials that meet performance requirements, the roof and body are optimized to reduce cost and weight. 

•Use injection-molded raw materials that meet performance requirements, optimize the roof body, reduce costs and light weight

•Our company has the simultaneous design ability and mold design and manufacturing ability of the main engine factory.

We offer custom Auto Sunroof Frame design, manufacturing, testing. OEM/ODM available.

About New Huatai

Automotive Interior Parts Manufacturer

Ningbo New Huatai professional China Auto Sunroof Frame Manufacturers and car Auto Sunroof Frame suppliers, we custom Auto Interior Trim Molding in over 20 years. Founded in 1995, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in auto parts. As the technology center of Ningbo enterprise, New Huatai has solid technology, a strict quality management system, first-class production equipment to meet customers' requirements.
The company has established an engineering research and development center; the company has the ability to design simultaneously with the OEM: From product design, mold design and mold manufacturing to product mass production, the company can independently complete it; realize that customers can build a manufacturing base nearby, and main products including Automotive interior parts, glove boxes, airbag frames, armrest cup holders, sun visors, Gas-assisted handles and vehicle buckles; air-conditioning ducts; blister series products and high-precision molds, etc.
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Industry Knowledge Expansion

Characteristics of an Auto Sunroof Fram

Integrated and Assembled Structure: The design of the sunroof frame incorporates an integrated and assembled structure. This design approach ensures that the frame is robust, durable, and capable of withstanding various weather conditions and driving conditions.

Mold Design with Cooling Water Circuit: The mold used for manufacturing the sunroof frame is designed with an efficient cooling water circuit. This ensures proper heat dissipation during the injection molding process, leading to stable and consistent product dimensions. The cooling water circuit helps maintain precise tolerances and minimizes the risk of deformation or warping.

Injection-Grade Raw Materials: Auto Sunroof Frames are made using injection-molded raw materials that meet performance requirements. These materials are selected for their durability, resistance to environmental factors, and ability to withstand the stresses and strains associated with the sunroof system. The use of high-quality raw materials ensures the longevity and reliability of the sunroof frame.

Advantages of an Auto Sunroof Frame

Structural Integrity and Stability: The Auto Sunroof Frame provides structural integrity to the sunroof system, ensuring its stability and long-lasting performance. It helps support the weight of the sunroof panel and maintains the overall rigidity of the vehicle's roof structure.

Proper Sealing: The sunroof frame contributes to the proper sealing of the sunroof system. It helps prevent water, dust, and noise from entering the vehicle cabin, ensuring a comfortable and quiet interior environment even when the sunroof is open or closed.

Cost Optimization and Weight Reduction: The optimization of the sunroof frame's design and materials helps reduce manufacturing costs and overall vehicle weight. By utilizing injection-molded raw materials and optimizing the roof body, manufacturers can achieve a balance between structural strength, weight reduction, and cost efficiency.

Customization Options: We offer custom Auto Sunroof Frame design, manufacturing, testing. This allows for seamless integration with the vehicle's overall design language, enhancing the aesthetics of the vehicle while maintaining functional performance.