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Product Category •Security Airbag Frame
Production Process •Injection Molding
Car Brand •Geely
Supply Market •Host manufacturers, primary and secondary suppliers, and after-sales markets
Advantage •It is located at the IP position of the car instrument. The airbag frame strictly control the thickness of blasting tear line, hinge strength, and 100% weight inspection before leaving the factory.

We offer custom Auto Airbag Frame design, manufacturing, testing. OEM/ODM available.

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Ningbo New Huatai professional China Auto Airbag Frame Manufacturers and car Auto Airbag Frame suppliers, we custom Auto Interior Trim Molding in over 20 years. Founded in 1995, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in auto parts. As the technology center of Ningbo enterprise, New Huatai has solid technology, a strict quality management system, first-class production equipment to meet customers' requirements.
The company has established an engineering research and development center; the company has the ability to design simultaneously with the OEM: From product design, mold design and mold manufacturing to product mass production, the company can independently complete it; realize that customers can build a manufacturing base nearby, and main products including Automotive interior parts, glove boxes, airbag frames, armrest cup holders, sun visors, Gas-assisted handles and vehicle buckles; air-conditioning ducts; blister series products and high-precision molds, etc.
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Industry Knowledge Expansion

Auto airbag frames, also known as airbag modules or airbag systems, are a critical safety component in modern vehicles. These frames provide the structural support and deployment mechanism for automotive airbags, which are designed to rapidly inflate and cushion occupants during a collision or sudden deceleration event. Auto airbag frames customized by Ningbo New Huatai,a professional Auto Airbag Frame Manufacturers, are engineered to protect passengers by minimizing impact forces and reducing the risk of severe injuries. 

I. Features of Auto Airbag Frames:

Auto airbag frames possess several key features that contribute to their effectiveness and reliability in protecting vehicle occupants. These features include:

Structural Integrity: Auto airbag frames are constructed from strong and durable materials, such as high-strength steel or lightweight alloys. These materials provide the necessary strength and rigidity to withstand the forces generated during a collision. The frames are engineered to maintain their structural integrity and prevent deformation, ensuring that the airbag system functions as intended.

Deployment Mechanism: Auto airbag frames incorporate a deployment mechanism that triggers the inflation of the airbags during a crash. This mechanism typically includes sensors that detect the severity and type of impact, an electronic control unit (ECU) that analyzes the sensor data, and an igniter that activates the airbag inflation system. The deployment mechanism operates within milliseconds, ensuring rapid inflation and optimal protection for occupants.

Multiple Airbags: Auto airbag frames can accommodate multiple airbags, strategically positioned throughout the vehicle's cabin. Common locations for airbags include the steering wheel, dashboard, side panels, and curtain areas. By deploying airbags from different locations, the frames provide enhanced protection for various potential impact scenarios, such as frontal collisions, side impacts, or rollovers.

Crash Sensors: Auto airbag frames are equipped with crash sensors that detect the onset and severity of a collision. These sensors measure factors such as impact force, acceleration, and deceleration to determine whether airbag deployment is necessary. Crash sensors ensure that airbags are deployed only in situations where occupant protection is required, reducing the risk of unnecessary or untimely deployments.

II. Functions of Auto Airbag Frames:

Auto airbag frames serve critical functions in protecting vehicle occupants during a crash or sudden deceleration event. Some of their key functions include:

Impact Energy Absorption: Auto airbag frames are designed to absorb and distribute the impact forces generated during a collision. When a crash occurs, the frames provide a controlled deceleration zone for the occupants, reducing the risk of severe injuries. By absorbing and dissipating energy, the frames mitigate the effects of rapid deceleration, particularly in high-impact areas such as the steering wheel or dashboard.

Occupant Restraint: Auto airbag frames work in conjunction with seat belts to restrain occupants during a crash. As the airbags deploy, they provide additional support and cushioning to prevent occupants from impacting hard surfaces or being ejected from the vehicle. The frames ensure that the airbags are properly positioned and inflated, optimizing their effectiveness in restraining occupants and minimizing injury risks.

Protection from Secondary Collisions: Auto airbag frames also provide protection from secondary collisions or multiple impacts. In situations where the initial impact is followed by subsequent collisions or vehicle instability, the frames maintain their integrity and continue to offer protection to occupants. This feature is crucial in reducing the likelihood of injuries in complex crash scenarios.