Door Panel Plastic Part Manufacturers

Product category •plastic parts for automobile door panels
Production Process •appearance + skin texture + injection molding
Car Brand •mainly supply BMW, Mercedes-Benz
Supply Market •Host manufacturers, primary and secondary suppliers, and after-sales markets
Advantages •The door horn cover is made of imitation metal plastic material, which is a breakthrough in domestic production innovation, reflecting the huge advantages of Xinhuatai in mold manufacturing, cost control and product performance. (It is a significant improvement for the lightweight, low-carbon and environmental protection of the whole vehicle.) Its slender honeycomb structure requires extremely high mold precision and manufacturing process.

•Our company has the simultaneous design ability and mold design and manufacturing ability of the main engine factory.

•Supply various interior plastic parts on door panels to Tier-1 customers, such as: car door panel handles, switch panels, speaker nets, etc.

•The switch panel uses high-strength PA66+GF30 material, and has sufficient experience to solve the problem of exposed fibers.

We offer custom Door Panel Plastic Part design, manufacturing, testing. OEM/ODM available.

About New Huatai

Automotive Interior Parts Manufacturer

Ningbo New Huatai professional China Door Panel Plastic Part Manufacturers and car Door Panel Plastic Part suppliers, we custom Auto Interior Trim Molding in over 20 years. Founded in 1995, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in auto parts. As the technology center of Ningbo enterprise, New Huatai has solid technology, a strict quality management system, first-class production equipment to meet customers' requirements.
The company has established an engineering research and development center; the company has the ability to design simultaneously with the OEM: From product design, mold design and mold manufacturing to product mass production, the company can independently complete it; realize that customers can build a manufacturing base nearby, and main products including Automotive interior parts, glove boxes, airbag frames, armrest cup holders, sun visors, Gas-assisted handles and vehicle buckles; air-conditioning ducts; blister series products and high-precision molds, etc.
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Industry Knowledge Expansion

What is Door Panel Plastic Part

A door panel plastic part refers to a component used in the construction of vehicle doors. It is a structural and decorative element that covers the inner side of the door, providing insulation, protection, and aesthetic appeal. Door panel plastic parts are typically made from various types of plastic materials, such as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PP (Polypropylene), or PC (Polycarbonate).The primary purpose of a door panel plastic part is to enclose the internal mechanisms of the door, including the window regulator, locking mechanism, wiring harnesses, and speakers, while providing a visually appealing and comfortable interior space for the occupants. It acts as a barrier, protecting these components from damage and external elements.

Functionally, door panel plastic parts may incorporate integrated controls, storage compartments, speakers, ambient lighting, and other features to enhance user convenience, comfort, and safety. They also contribute to the acoustic insulation of the vehicle by reducing noise from the outside environment.

Functional Advancements in Door Panel Plastic Parts

1.Integrated Control and Connectivity:With the rise of connected vehicles, door panel plastic parts have become a hub for integrating controls and connectivity features. Automakers are incorporating touch-sensitive surfaces, capacitive buttons, and haptic feedback technology into the door panels. This allows occupants to conveniently control various vehicle functions, such as window operation, mirror adjustment, and audio system controls, without the need for additional switches or buttons cluttering the dashboard.

2.Enhanced Storage and Organization:Door panel plastic parts now offer cleverly designed storage compartments and organizers. These innovative solutions provide dedicated spaces for holding small personal items, such as smartphones, wallets, or bottles, ensuring easy accessibility and minimizing clutter within the vehicle cabin. Foldable cup holders, integrated hooks, and adjustable compartments are among the functional features incorporated into door panels to optimize storage and organization.

3.Acoustic Insulation and Soundproofing:Door panels play a critical role in reducing external noise and enhancing cabin acoustics. Advanced sound-absorbing materials, coupled with strategic design considerations, help dampen road and wind noise, providing a quieter and more comfortable ride. Door panel plastic parts with integrated insulation layers contribute to improved acoustic performance, creating a serene environment for vehicle occupants.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Materials in Door Panel Plastic Parts

1.Recycled and Bio-based Plastics:

To reduce environmental impact, Door Panel Plastic Part Manufacturers are increasingly incorporating recycled plastics and bio-based materials in door panel production. Post-consumer recycled plastics, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sourced from beverage bottles, are being used to create components with a reduced carbon footprint. Similarly, bio-based plastics derived from renewable sources, such as plant-based polyethylene, offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

2.Lighter Weight and Material Optimization:Door panel plastic parts contribute to vehicle weight reduction efforts, leading to improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Advanced engineering techniques, such as topology optimization and material downsizing, are utilized to create lighter yet structurally sound door panels. This not only conserves resources but also enhances overall vehicle performance.

3.Design for Disassembly and Recycling:To facilitate the end-of-life recycling process, manufacturers are incorporating design elements that enable easy disassembly of door panel plastic parts. By using snap-fit connections, standardized fasteners, and minimizing adhesive usage, the recyclability and recoverability of these components are enhanced. Such design considerations support the circular economy by enabling the efficient reuse of materials.