New Huatai always adhered to the sustainable development model.

Update:31 Aug
Green development is based on the concept of protecting nature, conforming to nature, and advocating green consumption and survival. That is to comply with the laws of natural ecological development, mainly to protect the ecological resources of the natural world, and to save and protect the environment as a supplement.

Only by following the path of sustainable development, effectively saving and utilizing the use of natural resources, adhering to the development concept of green mountains and green water, conforming to the development of nature, persevering in the concept of green development, and deepening the realization of sustainable development, can we promote the harmonious development of human civilization. Broaden the effective propaganda of the concept of green development, so that residents can establish a sense of green consumption. Accurately realize low-carbon and healthy travel, reduce the use of automobiles and automobile exhaust emissions across the country, and reduce all harmful gas emissions.

Persistently follow the path of sustainable development, adhere to the concept of green development as the mainstay, and promote the harmonious development of humanities and ecology. It is necessary to improve the governance system to prevent the air pollution, the discharge of river water pollution and the use of which have caused many uncontrollable human lives. Factors influence. Everyone is responsible for green ecology and environmental protection, but there are not many people who truly achieve green environmental protection and low-carbon travel. In order to maintain the balance and development of the natural world, we must perseverely follow the path of sustainable development, improve the ecological governance system, promote the harmonious development of mankind and nature, enhance national environmental protection awareness, promote green travel, restore the ecology of the natural boundary, and plant more trees. , Repair the ecological environment, reduce the use and decomposition of plastic bags. The meeting clearly pointed out that promoting green development, promoting the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature, established a new development concept for the new stage of New China, and clarified the development direction. Take the road of sustainable development, advocate the concept of national conservation and environmental protection, increase the publicity of ecological protection knowledge, and use green and smooth behavior as the mainstay, supplemented by scientific development. Green development takes sustainability, harmony and greenness as the mainstay of economic development.